About us

We are dedicated to create equipment you’ll enjoy and trust.

At Flexiways, we think that your product should feel like tailored. So we design bespoken systems that work so well that you never have to worry about. From complex production machines for the pharmaceutical industry, to innovative device for sport activities, we design products to fully meet your expectations.

Who are we?

We get our expertise from our diverse experiences in aeronautics, architecture, design, special machinery and sports or leisure equipment. A sum of knowledge and know-how that allows us to approach your project with confidence and inspiration.

What’s in a Name?

When Eric Lepot started Flexiways in 2005, he wanted a name which sums up the state of mind that drives the company. Never be afraid to follow unusual paths to reach your goal. This approach has allowed many of our clients to achieve the commercial success that they were hoping for.


Stuck in your project, a technical challenge to overcome, an innovative idea to materialize…

We are always at your disposal to discuss your thoughts.

Rue du Maupassage, 35 – BE-6723 Habay-la-Vieille
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