" Perfection is attained not when there has nothing more to add, but when there has nothing to take away ". Antoine de St Exupery

Our moto, a synonymous simplicity of performance and reliability.

Engineering - Technological Survey - Advice and Consultancy

Benefit from our experience in 3D CAD and project management to give life to your ideas.

FLEXIWAYS accomplishes any types of mechanical studies and project management, from complex machines of pharmaceutical production in sterile environment up to the diving gear or motor racing parts.

FLEXIWAYS integrates in suppleness with your team, brings him its experience and its dynamism, while respecting your quality methods scrupulously.

FLEXIWAYS disposes of powerful 3D CAD software to provide you clean and comprehensive documents of manufacturing, assembly and service.

FLEXIWAYS helps you to make your industrial project real, from the functional analysis of your prototype from revision 01.01 up to the optimization of your production line.

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